Monday, April 30, 2012

May Crowning and Flower Offering for Mary - May 13th

What:  May Crowning for Mary and Flower Offering

When: May 13, 2012, second Sunday of May at 12:30 pm

Where: St. Joseph's Church, 790 Salem St. Malden, Ma

Who: Everyone - especially children, teens, young adults, families

Details: The Rosary will start at 12:30 noon. We encourage everyone to come early to join us. 
The Youth / Families will be leading the Rosary. We will do the Crowning immediately after the Rosary, followed by Flower Offering.  Please bring flowers from home/garden. Individuals or a whole family may offer. We will be singing songs for Mary. Dress - Easter best. 
VOLUNTEERS are needed to help: 3 event coordinators/ 5 - youth/young adult/family to lead a decade of the Rosary / 2 - managing the procession for the flower offering / 2 -arranging flowers after the event/  a few youth singers and instrumentalist to play and sing with Malden Filipino Choir.

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