Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Apostolate Officers Group Photo Shoots

We are scheduling a photo shoot (2009-2012 Officers) as soon as possible. We plan to have 4 group pictures (Pastoral Council, West Roxbury Chapter, Malden Chapter & Quincy Chapter). The pictures will be used to create our one-page Advertisement for the upcoming  Catholic Family Festival souvenir program.  Unfortunately, this photo shoot needs to happen within the next two weeks, Ad submission of June 10th.

Please contact your Chapter Coordinator or Asst. Coordinators about the scheduled date of your Chapter.  We encourage all officer to show up for these photos as they will be published in the Ethnic Apostolate Catholic Family souvenir program.

Below is a list of all officers for the Pastoral Council and for each Chapter.

Chaplain:      Fr. Cyriac C. Mattathilanickal


Chairman:      Nards A. Gutierrez

Vice Chairman:      Annie Talaid

Secretary:      Gracita (Teng) Chiefe, Joseph Kutzko

Liturgy:      Joy Gaviola, Nettie Jacildo, Johnny Manuel

Youth Ministry:      Ruben (RJ) Austria Jr., Izza Mangilog, Allison Lujarez, Aika Dusaban, John Manuel

TREASURER:       July Afable

Auditor:      Manny Paradela

Chapter Coordinators:      Gina Muyuela – WR/Boston;   Teng Chiefe – Quincy/SS;    Danny Talaid – Malden/NS 

Council Adviser:      Tony Chiefe

Webmaster:     Jeremy Halsdorff


Coordinator:  Gina Muyuela

 Asst. Coordinators:  Elvie Navarro, Lisa Nuestro

 Secretary(s):  Belle Manuel, Bill Solar

 Finance:  July Afable, Marlyn Masa

 Youth:  Alpha Paradela, Audrey Rosales

 Liturgy:  Angie Oppus, Ross Mangilog

 Advisers:  Salome Afable, Jenny Aying,Manny Paradela, John Manuel


Coordinator:  Danny Talaid

Asst. Coordinator:  Jose Cruz, Jr.

Secretary(s):  Crispina "Fe" Gutierrez, Marichu Atos, Elena Escosa, Annaliza Purugganan, Bernadette Freed

Finance:  Priscilla "Cely" Cruz, Al Doza, Eleanor Halsdorff

Youth:  Louie Matnog, Clifford Gaviola, Frank Lee, Rosanna Darang, Alex Miranda

Liturgy:  Art Purugganan, Evelyn Dusaban, Joy Gaviola, Roel Dusaban

Adviser:  Jose "Peping" Valencia


Coordinator:    Gracita"Teng"Chiefe

Asst. Coordinators:    Ruben Austria, Loreta Borneo

Secretary(s):    Chie Bartolome, Precy Borneo,Tata Bokas

Finance:    Phil Borneo, Lucy Lauron, Bing Mongado

Youth:   Cheryl Lujares, Chris Llaga, Joel Minoza, Ron Yanson

Liturgy:    Nettie Jacildo, Mike Manlogon, Noemi Famador, Gras Awatin

Adviser:    Nan Bacani

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