Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thank you Letter from Father Cyriac

Hi everyone, 

This email should go to all in the email list. But I don't have everyone's email. I will say something at each mass. anyway, I don't have enough words to describe the joy and gratitude that I have in my heart for you all who made the healing service a huge grace-filled event for all. the organization, the tons of email and coordination that went in to this event was immense and richly rewarded. the event was very well organized and orderly that every one got to the healing as one wanted. the team was very pleased. so thank you thank you and thank you. 

for next year Fr. Suarez has confirmed his date and coming for a two day event. it will be the labor weekend of August 31 and Sept 1, 2013. we dont' have much details yet. we will talk about it when we meet. thank you once again. please let everyone know how much I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice for this event. see you all sunday. frc

God Bless you always!

Yours Sincerely,

Rev. Cyriac Chandy Mattathilanickal, MS

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