Monday, November 11, 2013

Statement in solidarity with the victims of Super storm Haiyan

"Haiyan" (Yolanda) is one of the strongest super typhoons ever to make a landfall in history and that devastated the central Philippines on November 8, 2013. The loss of life, families, towns and villages are heartbreaking. Deeply saddened by this disturbing tragedy, the Filipino community of Boston, Worcester, Providence and beyond express our heart felt solidarity with everyone who is affected in anyway.

We pray for all the families who lost their loved ones, homes and livelihood. No matter how strong the winds and waves of the typhoons may be, the resilience of the Filipinos will shine through. The typhoons may destroy homes and villages. The faith of Filipinos is stronger than any typhoon. A typhoon cannot bend nor break the timber of the Filipino faith. "The Filipino soul is stronger than (typhoon) Yolanda, says Archbishop Jose Palma, President of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. Highlighting the resilience of Filipino people in time of adversity, Palma said "no calamity or natural devastation can quench the fire of our hope." Antonio Cardinal "Chito" Tagle of Manila in his statement said, "What a mystery—those who have reasons not to believe or to get angry with God, they are the ones proclaiming the joy of clinging to Jesus…A lot of things may get destroyed, but nothing can destroy their faith. We should listen to them". I join the Filipino community around the world in offering prayers for Consolation, courage, strength and perseverance amidst these horrific events.

I am calling on all Filipinos to join His Eminence Sean Cardinal O' Malley and the Archdiocese of Boston to unite, pray, and help our brothers and sisters in the Philippines on November 16, Saturday at 6.30pm at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston. A special Mass will be offered for all the victims and their families. During the mass a collection will be taken up to help the victims. Let us stand in solidarity with these brethren and pray for God's healings in the midst of all grief and loss. We will emerge stronger than the typhoon for our faith is greater. May San Lorenzo Ruiz and Pedro Calungsod, the patron saints of the Philippines, intercede for us. May the Blessed Mother, Mama Mary, draw us closer amidst our loss and grief.

Rev. Cyriac C. Mattathilanickal, MS

Chaplain Filipino Apostolate of Boston

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