Friday, April 24, 2015

Mayflower Offering and Crowning - May 10th

What : Please join us to honor our Blessed Virgin Mary, in our traditional Mayflower Offering and Crowning.

When: May 10th, second Sunday, 12:30 pm, assembly 12:15.

Where: St. Joseph Church, 790 Salem St., Malden, Ma.

Who: Everyone is invited. Bring the whole family.

Details: We will assemble at 12:15 outside the Church - please form two lines behind the Altarservers bearing the Cross. The Holy Rosary will be recited and Marian Hymns will be sung during the procession around the church. As we enter the church, flowers will be distributed to each participant.

Everyone will be able to offer flowers to Our Lady and a little child will crown Our Lady towards the end.

Attire: Men can wear their barongs.  Ladies and children - their Easter best, first communicants can wear their Communion clothes and veils.

Holy Mass will follow at 1 pm. We also invite you to our potluck lunch at Church Hall after Mass.

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