Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mass to be held May 8, 2016

We are inviting you, your family and friends  to join our traditional May Flower Offering and Crowning at 
St. Joseph Church, 790 Salem St. Malden MA on 2nd Sunday, May 8, 2016.  

Easter's  best

Children, please bring flowers for the offering

12:15 PM -  
Assembly time - please form two lines behind the Altar Servers bearing the Cross and two kids carrying the Crown.

12:30 PM -   Procession will start and Holy Rosary will be recited.  We will sing Ave, Ave Maria after each decade.

After the procession, children can offer their flowers in Honor of our Blessed Virgin Mary. We should be done before the Mass at 1:00 pm.
1:00 PM -  HOLY MASS
POTLUCK LUNCH at the reception hall will follow after the Mass

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